PACIFIC, Wash. --Mayor Cy Sun was missing from Monday's city council meeting in the town of Pacific. But that didn't keep residents and city council members from accusing him of wrongdoing.

In recent months, the mayor, who was elected last fall as a write-in candidate, has been accused of hiring and firing a number of key employees. Many say those actions are negatively affecting everything from the budget, to the city's insurance, and the permitting process.

Sun campaigned on the promise to clean up corruption in the small town. Four department heads were either fired or resigned under his leadership and the posts remain open. As a result, the mayor, who admits he has no past civic experience, is making the decisions for those departments with vast implications.

The council meeting was standing room only, as numerous residents sounded off on city leadership. Some compared it to a circus. Two residents voiced their support for the mayor asking the council to find a way to get along and move the city forward. Others asked for recall.

The council voted to hold off on future payroll for employeeswho were hired without the proper protocol. To make matters worse, the city clerk has filed a complaint against one of those workers, and the council has asked the King county prosecutor's office to look into the matter.

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