Members of the King County Fire Investigation Unit emerged, covered in mud, from hatches, holes and other openings on the wreck of the Deep Sea.

The fishing boat which caught fire and sank in Penn Cove last month now sits on blocks at a dry dock in a Ballard shipyard in Seattle. Contractors moved the derelict boat there Wednesday.

The team of sheriff's deputies was called in by the Department of Natural Resources to find the source of the fire which set off an economic tragedy in Penn Cove.

While part of the bay has been re-opened to mussel harvesting, more tests are needed before commercial operations can resume. It's standard procedure, but this case seems to demand a thorough investigation.

The Deep Sea was apparently unoccupied, without power and just sitting there anchored in the bay. The DNR wants to know if the fire was intentionally set or was it just some kind of strange accident.

For people in Penn Cove, the economic effect continues, but the big, rusty ship that sat there since Christmas Eve is finally gone.

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