Many people are asking how a man with mental issues like Seattle shooter Ian Stawicki gets his hands on a gun.

Investigators have traced the guns through a federal database and discovered Stawicki purchased handguns earlier this year at Bullseye Shooter Supply in Tacoma. Preliminary information shows the sale was legal because Stawicki had no felonies or restrictions to buy firearms.

Bullseye made national headlines in 2002 following the D.C. sniper killings that left 10 people dead. A trace of the bushmaster rifle that John Muhammed and Lee Malvo trained on innocent civilians revealed that it came from Bullseye.

Subsequent ATF audits showed that Bullseye had lost track of hundreds of guns in its inventory and couldn't verify that background checks had been run on buyers.

Bullseyestore managersaid Thursday she has been told not to comment on the case. Owner Chris Kindshuh, whodid not own Bullseye in 2002,did not return calls.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would only confirm that it performed the gun trace. It said, by law, it can t comment on the results of that trace. That information will have to come from the Seattle Police Department, who declined to comment on Thursday.

KING5's Chris Ingalls and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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