SEATTLE Paul Garrett was fishing Thursday night, looked up from a dock near Seward Park, and spotted it.

That s beautiful, Garrett said as he looked at the UFO Unidentified Floating Object.

They are the creation of Darren Bruce, who says he was driving across 520 one day and it hit him: There were no billboards. The advertising and marketing exec said he wondered if he could create a amphibious advertisement.

He spent five figures to develop the 14-foot-tall inflatable placards, which can be towed around by boat, kayak, or canoe. Thursday, he took the billboards for a test drive near the I-90 floating bridge.

I see scenery, I see beauty, I see opportunity, says Bruce, who has also floated the display, which can be connected with others to create a 14 x 192 foot long billboard, on Lake Union. There are a lot of eyeballs, he says.

Bruce says he intends to show public service announcements in the interim, and sell space after that.

Seattle s Department of Planning and Development and Seattle Police both said Thursday there were no local regulations governing floating billboards.

WSDOT is investigating whether the billboards comply with their billboard permitting process. Alice Fiman, with WSDOT, says the questions surround whether the signs are visible from State Highways.

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