SEATTLE - People lined up at a Seattle hotel Saturday to take photos for the No Hate Campaign, a silent protest to promote marriage equality and tolerance for gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals.

For the editors of Seattle Lesbian Magazine, the photo comes at the end of week where they were reminded why messages like this remain relevant. A threat was left on their website after they spoke out about controversial comments made by a Cleveland radio DJ.

The person who commented said he thought all lesbians should be raped and beaten within an inch of their lives, said editor Sarah Toce.

They responded with an editorial.

We re trying to say look there's another way of doing this and this is how you build understanding and compassion that's necessary for every person to thrive, said editor Charlene Strong.

The comments are upsetting but the pair says they're not afraid, just more determined to use pictures and words for something else.

As writers and as activists for equality it's every step you make for equality to make a change in someone's heart, said Strong.

The DJ in Cleveland, whose comments started all this, has been disciplined by his station and has apologized for what he said.

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