EVERETT, Wash. -- Since Tamara Dutton's account of her alleged affair with Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, more information is being uncovered about what he spent money on.

Dutton's claims sparked a criminal investigation by the Washington State Patrol into whether Reardon used county money on her during business trips.

She says she was wined and dined by Reardon, while he was supposed to be attending conferences in Washington D.C. and Chicago.

The taxis were all paid for the town cars we drove in were all paid for the food was all paid for [using his county credit card?]...yes, said Dutton. I got a tour of Washington D.C.... I got lunch and dinner and breakfast.

But she claims the spending went beyond meals. On one of Reardon's receipts from a D.C. hotel we obtained through public records, there's a charge called 'honor bar' for about $50.

Dutton says this was for an 'intimacy kit.' The charge was eventually removed and put on Reardon's personal account.

Just our room service bill was $80...I don't remember specifically but it wasn't cheap, said Dutton. He left me for a brief period of time and I think he 'may have made an appearance (at the conference).'

It wasn't just a romance on the road. Dutton claims she and Reardon would meet for sexual encounters in his office countless times.

She says the encounters would often happen before work when no one was around. But on one occasion they were not alone.

On one occasion Dutton says the two were caught by a security guard.

My understanding is that he spoke to Aaron later and told him he was sorry for disrupting his nap, said Dutton.

Dutton says the six-year intimate relationship came to an end last year. She said the relationship just faded away.

Prior to the state investigation, the two remained friends and co-workers.

The Washington State Patrol also says it is investigating Reardon's use of county cell phones and possible deletion of emails.

It says the investigation won't wrap up for at least another few months.

Reardon is not commenting on the affairbut does say, I am innocent of all criminal accusations and am confident I will be fully exonerated. Out of deference to the integrity of the investigation, I am reserving my right to comment until the Washington State Patrol has concluded its review.
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