Chuck Cox, the grandfather of Charlie and Braden Powell, said he feared what could happen to the boys if the police got close to arresting Josh Powell for Susan Powell's disappearance.

That fear, Cox said, is why he and his wife Judy sought custody of the children last fall.

We thought we were safe because we had control of the children, said Chuck Cox, The visits were supervised and we thought we had taken care of that problem.

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Chuck and Judy Cox began caring for the boys full-time in September after police arrested Josh Powell's father for voyeurism and possession of child pornography. Josh and the boys were living with Steven Powell at the time of the arrest.

Chuck Cox said he views the suicide and murders as a confession from Josh Powell that he killed his wife Susan.

Quite shocking. We had no idea it was going to end this way for the boys, said Chuck Cox.

Judy Cox said the family won t have closure until Susan s remains are found.

Then I think we can truly heal, said Judy Cox.

It kind of feels pointless now, said Chuck Cox, We knew we weren t going to bring Susan back but we were hoping to at least give the boys a good life.

We know the children are with their mother and they re safe, said an emotional Chuck Cox.

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