SEATTLE - Daisy is eager to investigate the sounds and smells of the park. Just glancing at her, you wouldn't know Daisy's still recovering, but if you look closer, the signs of her struggle to live are visible.

How loose she is, she lost a lot of weight, said Amy Greger. She did not eat at all for a week, very little water.

There were multiple trips to the vet.

They did ultrasound, x-ray, trying to figure out what it was, still nothing conclusive, said Amy.

Until a specialist asked one key question: Had Daisy eaten any fish?

It was like three, three-and-a-half weeks before symptoms showed up. We had salmon for dinner, said Wiktor Greger.

I had a little piece of raw salmon on the plate and I thought oh, I'll just give it to her. She wolfed it down, was all happy and everything was fine.

The Gregers had never heard of salmon poisoning.

Have quite a few friends who fish and no one knew anything, said Wiktor.

Dr. Cherie Guidry of Helping Hands Vet Clinic says most people don't know not to feed dogs raw fish.

If left untreated, 90 percent of the cases are fatal, the dogs will die within 2-3 weeks, she said.

After weeks of antibiotics and de-worming treatments, it s safe to say you won't find salmon in the Greger's kitchen, but you will find their survivor.

If your dog gets a hold of raw salmon get to the vet. And remember, sometimes the symptoms take weeks to show up and there are other dangerous fish.


Get more informationabout salmon poisoningin the Pet Dish blogby Dr. Cary Waterhouse of Lake Union Veterinary Clinic.

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