After Amanda Knox was cleared of murder charges and set free from an Italian jail she's been in for four years, real estate mogul Donald Trump said she could leverage her experience in the entertainment industry, reports CNN.

It's about time this happened, it was ridiculous. She was never guilty, all the evidence proved that, Trump said. Hopefully she's now going to recapture her life, and do a good job in doing it. And maybe, frankly, become a big star and somehow she can get some dividends out of this nightmare for herself.

The Apprentice star said he has spoken to Knox's father, who couldn't be happier that his daughter is now able to come home.

Trump didn't say whether he would help Knox in her entertainment endeavors, but he did say he has offered her family support.

I've been supporting the family and helping the family and I'll continue to help the family. They went through a lot; I just felt badly, he said. For her to spend four years in a terrible jail is just outrageous.

As for Knox's future, Trump said, You'll see her some place. She's a great person, and what happened to her was absolutely outrageous.

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