KIRKLAND -- Garfield High School's new head coach, Kelvin Goliday is on administrative leave while the Seattle School District investigates his refusal to let players finish out Friday night's game against Lake Washington.

Friday night's game at Lake Washington High School started out like any other. It's what happened in the third quarter that has everyone talking.

After the referee awarded Lake Washington the ball on a fumble, Garfield's head coach Kevin Goliday pulled his team off the field. He ended up getting ejected and after Garfield refused to play. They had to forfeit - watch viewer video of the incident here.

Lake Washington's Athletic Director, George Crowder tells us in all his years of coaching and being the A.D., I've never seen that before ever.

The Seattle School District told us Coach Goliday said his reason was the ref was slow to blow the whistle and he was afraid for his players' safety. Crowder says he did not observe anything that would make Goliday think that.

Lake Washington fan, Nic Tomei was there to watch his niece on the dance team. He says he was astonished and appalled by what happened. He says sports are supposed to help kids learn to fight through things that aren't fair.

He just taught them if they don't like what's going on, just give up and quit, said Tomei.

Goliday is on administrative leave while the Seattle School District investigates. One of the assistants will coach the game against Sammamish High School later this week.

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