KIRKLAND, Wash. -- In the center of a whirlwind of generosity, that raised more than a half million dollars for charity, is a family dealing with the grief of losing a child.

That was the focus of a different fundraiser in Kirkland Thursday night.A halfhour into the fundraiser atLiquid Lime, you could see a line of patrons waiting to get in. The restaurant was already at maximum capacity, 250 people inside.

Tonight the giving continues, this time for a different cause.

I'm just amazed at how wonderful humanity is, says Lisa Lane, a friend of Rachel's mother. It brings people together.

All week long, people have heard about Rachel Beckwith, the young girl who's death and generosity triggered a landslide of donations that flowed into Charity Water. By Thursday night the funds reached the $600,000 mark.

I remember thinking 'if we can just to a thousand dollars that would be so neat, and we could just remember her in that way,' says Dee, Rachel's mother's friend from church.

Here in Kirkland, her friends and her church are now opening their wallets for Rachel's family.

There's going to be missed work, co-pays, and deductibles, says Dee.

Rachel's mother greeted all the warmth with a quiet smile, still bearing a small bandage from the accident. Her friends say Samantha Paul finds it difficult to take it all in.

I imagine when the dust settles [the charity] will give them some encouragement through all the wonderful things people are saying, says Dee.

I worry a month from now when all the hoopla has died down, and Sam has got to go home and walk in the door, that's the time when we need to be involved more, says Lane.

On Friday morning, a family friend said about $5,000 was raised to help Rachel's family.

If you'd like to help Rachel's family, you can give through Band of Brothers Northwest.

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