TACOMA It s a trade-off which doesn t excite some Tacoma residents.

Clear Channel Outdoor is offering to tear down 78 billboards, if the city allows it to put up 10 digital billboards. It s part of a legal settlement the city council offered to avoid a suit filed by the company.Tacoma tried to ban billboards in 2007, but Clear Channel claimed it was unconstitutional.

But the whole case has prompted another fight.

My house is directly affected, says Britton Sukys, who lives underneath a current billboard slated for the electric change. The light that would come from that billboard would go into my living room, my son s bedroom, my bedroom.

That s why Sukys appeared at the Tacoma Planning Commission Meeting Wednesday night, to urge the governing body to deny the code change needed for the settlement to take effect. He was joined by nearly three dozen others protesting the change.

The planning commission is scheduled to make a decision by July, and could also include strict limits on the billboards, including size, brightness, and hours of operation.

Milton, Fife, and Kent currently allow the electronic billboards in certain locations.

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