SEATTLE -- KING 5 News has learned that one of the men convicted of killing Seattle s Tuba Man has had another brush with the law.

Billy Chambers, 18, was arrested by King County Sheriff's deputies Monday night, after a disturbance on a Metro bus.

A bus driver at the Northgate transit center called for help after Chambers allegedly refused to pay the fare and stopped the bus from pulling away by standing in the door.

As responding deputies were arresting Chambers, he bragged about who he was, according to Sheriff s spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart.

What he said was that, 'I was one of the people that stomped the tuba man to death,' says Urquhart. I only got three months. My attorney got me off. He'll get me off this charge as well.

Ed McMichael was known as Tuba Man to thousands of fans who paid him tips as he played his cherished tuba outside Seattle sports and entertainment venues.

In November of 2008, Billy Chambers was one of three robbers, all of them just 15-years-old, who beat McMichael.He died one week later from his injuries.

After serving a few months in juvenile detention, Chambers was released. He re-offended in a similar type of armed robbery last year. He d been out of jail for only two weeks, after finishing out his sentence, at the time of Monday night s bus disturbance.

Tuesday, a King County judge did not find probable cause to hold Chambers in the bus disturbance. He's been released from jail, pending further investigation.

It appears he's not learning any lessons and I think it's because he's just been slapped on the wrist, said Stephanie Moe Quiggle of Redmond, when told of Chambers latest arrest. She was one of 1500 fans who attended a memorial service for McMichael in the weeks after his death. Mariners' games haven t been the same for her family since then.

Even just not being able to hear the tuba play in the distance before those games was very sad, she says.

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