BREMERTON, Wash. Power crews in Kitsap County were still working Wednesday night to get electricity back to some 13,000 customers who lost power in Monday's storm and some of them may still be in the dark for Thanksgiving. But, Puget Sound Energy said late Wednesday that it hoped to have everyone back on the grid by midnight.

Downed lines and trees scatter county roads, making it tough for power crews to get to all the trouble spots.

It's been a miserable couple of days for residents. The Colemans have been without power since Monday night. They have a gas heater for warmth, but it still fell to 40 degrees in their home overnight.

We wear gloves and scarves and really try to bundle up. We don't have TV or a radio, so we are bundled in the living room playing games and trying to stay warm, said Anita Coleman. She says Thanksgiving has been moved to her mom's house. Most of her refrigerated food is spoiled.

Things are worse for neighbor Joe Palenick. His pipes are frozen solid. He lost eight trees and his camper was destroyed by a 220-foot fir tree.

The wind was screaming like banshees, said Palenick. I was sort of in emotional shock yesterday. Palenick says he feels completely out of touch with no power for two days. He can't charge his cell phone.

PSE crews are working as fast as they can. Some 500 workers from all over the Northwest are trying to mend snapped lines. Brad Frazier, from Idaho, started working at 5 a.m. Tuesday and has gotten little sleep since then.

I think they geared pretty good to get as many people as they can in there to get it back up before Thanksgiving, said Frazier. He says he's not counting on making it back home in time to be with his family.

For those still without power, there is a warming shelter at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.

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