WESTPORT, Wash. A couple on vacation thought they were helping to rescue a seal pup.

In fact, they were putting it in danger.

The couple found the seal pup on the beach May 28 and thought it was in trouble. So, they broke federal law by picking up the animal and taking it back to their hotel.

They even kept the baby seal overnight.

PAWS is now caring for the seal in Lynnwood.

At this point, the seal is stable and healthy. The animal's life was in danger when it was taken off the beach and away from its mother for a period of time. Obviously, it wasn't being fed. It could have gotten dehydrated, said Kevin Mack, PAWS naturalist.

PAWS will raise the pup until it's old enough to care for itself in the wild.

The correct thing to do if you're worried about a seal on the beach is to call the Northwest Marine Mammal Protection Stranding Network at 1- 800-853-1964.

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