SEATTLE, Wash - A Ballard woman who detected breast cancer in her dog, has had the favor returned.

Faye Cluckey has an amazing story totell about her American Eskimo, Tinker Bell. Last year,Tinker Bell incessantly scratched at Faye'sright breast over a period of three months. Faye's daughter, Millie, urged Faye to go to the doctor.Faye's breastcancer was caught early and treated successfully.

But, there's more to the story.Three years before, Faye found a lumpon Tinker Bell's breast. She took the dog to the doctor and two surgerieslater, Tinker Bell was cured of breast cancer.

A woman and a dog, so in tune with each other, they found each other's cancer and saved each others lives. Pay attention to your dog, said Cluckey, Don't ignore it. If they're obsessed with something, get it checked.

The Race For The Cure is Sunday at the Seattle Center. You can sign up Saturday at the Center Exhibition Hall or Sunday before the race between7:00 am and 9:15 am at the Fisher Pavillion.

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