GIG HARBOR, Wash. - A church community gathered Sunday morning to remember Monty and Sue Multanen, the two people shot and killed Friday by their son-in-law, Pierce County Deputy Allen Myron.

Detectives continue to investigate as family and friends mourn.

He was not in his right mind, it's not the person we've known, we don t know all that goes on in the complexity of a human being, said Pastor Andy Snodgrass, Fox Island Alliance Church. I don t know what happened, but he snapped.

It is not easy for relatives and friends of Allen Myron's family to understand why Myron would kill his in-laws.

Your reaction is shock, complete and total shock, because that's not the Allen that we knew at all, said family friend Karen Cheney.

Cheney runs a nearby Bible bookstore, and knows the family well.

I just happened to run into him at Fred Meyer a few weeks ago, and he was happy, his face, I even told him, Allen you don't look as tired as the last time I saw you, and he was glad to be back at work, she said.

The details of their life situation, I'm really not prepared to answer, there are some things but some of that's a confidence of the relationship I have as their pastor, but it didn't come out of a vacuum of no pressure, but it's still off the charts from what we would ever expect, said Pastor Snodgrass.

Myron apparently had been on leave from the Pierce County Sheriff's department after back surgery. But Friday night, deputies responded to his home for a domestic dispute.

After Myron shot his in-laws, Sue Multanen crawled out of the house and died after being airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Deputies later found Monty's Multanen's body inside the home.

Myron talked with officers for several hours.

There'd been quite a bit of ongoing negotiation, prior to, obviously, the gunshot, said Detective Gretchen Aguirre, Tacoma Police Dept.

Tacoma Police says that gunshot happened at 9:45. After clearing the scene inch by inch, they found Myron, alone.

He was barricaded, in the upstairs bedroom, when they found him, said Aguirre.

Myron was dead, apparently of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Myron's 15-year-old daughter, along with a friend, may have witnessed the murders of her grandparents. At some point during negotiations, Myron's daughter and her friend got out of the house safely.

Myron's wife and all of his children are accounted for and safe.

Monty Multanen was an educational director for the Oregon Department of Education, the Edmonds School District and Lower Columbia College. Sue Multanen once worked as a nurse.

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