For those concerned about the 3-hour tape delay on the West Coast, the decision to broadcast the Olympics live or on tape delay is made by NBC Sports, not KING TV.

NBC has indicated that their decision is based on providing coverage of the most popular events in time periods that allow the most people to enjoy the Games. Most viewers are available to watch The Olympics during the prime time hours between 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

We are passing along viewer feedback to NBCSports. You can also Contact NBCSports directly via the site.

Here are answers to some other commonly asked questions:

Q: I saw a promo for one of the NBC shows (Parenthood, Celebrity Apprentice, The Marriage Ref) and it looks like it's going to air late at night after the Olympics. Is that accurate?
A: No, those shows, along with shows such as Law and Order and Dateline NBC, will return to NBC's regular schedule after the end of the Olympic Games. There is more information about new and returning shows at

Q: Why can't I see the Canadian broadcast of the Olympic Games?
A: The broadcaster airing the Games in Canada this year is CTV, a private company in Canada. They outbid the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which means for the first time since 1992, Canadians will not see the Games on CBC. Since CTV is not on most cable company line-ups in Western Washington, there are no outlets to watch a Canadian version of the Olympics. Learn more in this Seattle Times story.

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