Video: Six-year old takes charge to save his mother

TENINO, Wash. - The mother of 6-year-old Ethan Asbach said her son saved her life when he called 911 last month.

Tara Asbach is raising Ethan and his 1-year-old brother Julian alone.

Last month, while they were all playing, she felt a sharp pain.

"I just got this really intense feeling, and I just went down," she said.

She started to dial 911 on her cell phone, but then she collapsed and began to vomit.

She says Ethan made the phone call.

Ethan gave his mom the phone, but then she passed out. Ethan then took over.

When the dispatcher asks what the boy's house looks like, Ethan responded, "It's white and has a trampoline."

During the 13-minute phone call, Ethan's 11-month-old brother woke up. The baby can be heard crying in the background.

Ethan stayed on the phone until paramedics arrived.

It turned out an ovarian cyst had burst, and had no one called 911, doctors say Tara might have died.

"They said I had about another one, one-and-a-half hours until where I would have bled out internally," she said.

When Tara became pregnant, she taught Ethan how to call 911 in case she needed help.

"I knew I really had to or else my mom would be dead," said Ethan.

The kindergarten student was honored with a citizenship award at Parkside Elementary School in Tenino. The 911 dispatcher who talked him through everything is nominating him for a Red Cross "Real Heroes" award.

"I am so proud of him," said Tara. "As a mother and a parent, you're constantly rewarded on a daily basis. This is the ultimate reward."

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