After a week of heartbreak, KING 5 visited a fun and happy event Friday.

We went to Auburn High School, where teams like the CyberKnights battle the Spartabots.

Thirty-six robotics teams from across the state competed for the regional championship.

The field smacked of mechanics, electronics, math, science and engineering, all playing out at the Auburn High School gym.

Game rules are simple. Get the ball down field, into the opponents goal.

Score points. Beat the other team, using cooperative engineering skills, one player said.

At half-time, it was a rock star mentality, where techies took to the dance floor.

League leaders say that some robotics teams are now bigger than football teams at some schools.

The end game?

It prepares kids for hundreds of high paying, high-tech jobs.

The largest sponsor of the league is Boeing.

What will these kids go on to build?

We were told, medical robots, video games, robots that clean water and oil, and a helping robot, that acts as a third arm.

Robots are the future, and the competing robotics teams are building it.

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