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Volunteers of America provides a great number of services for individuals, families and children across Western Washington. Their Personal Support Services program works one-on-one with seniors, adults with developmental disabilities and children; in many cases, offering 24-hour services for many of their clients.

Duane Davis, Senior Director of VOA's Personal Support Services, joined Margaret to talk more about the program, along with Kent McDaniel, a longtime client who says Volunteers of America saved his life. Mark Johnson, Volunteers of America Western Washington's Vice President of Marketing and Communications, shared how people can donate their time, money or an unused vehicle (through their Car4VOA program) to help keep the non-profit up and running.

Website: Volunteers of America Western Washington

Connect with Volunteers of America Western Washington on Facebook and Twitter: @VOAWW

Donate your vehicle (car, boat, motorcycle, plane, etc.) through the Car4VOA program.

Please click here to watch a brief video that provides more insight into VOA's Personal Support Services program.

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