As temperatures dip well below freezing, plumbers around Puget Sound are working non-stop.

This is a tough one, said Peter Butzerin while sitting in a tiny basement crawl space in Ballard. See? It's about 4 feet away from me. That's as close as I can get to the pipes.

Butzerin works for O'Neill Plumbing. He crawled through tiny spaces throughoutthe afternoon and evening Thursday.

Of course, we haven't even gotten to all the calls from the last freeze, all the places we had to cut and cap, he said. So, we're really busy.

Eryl Williams lives in Northeast Seattle and noticed her pipes weren't working early Thursday morning.

By the time I got there it was too late. It was frozen, Williams said.

Her pipes run through the attic where there's little insulation, but a plumber couldn't find a crawl space. So, her only option was to wait for temperatures to rise.

I'd really like to take a shower, she laughed.

Butzerin found several small tears in one of the homes he repaired Thursday night. Even small tears, combined with low temperatures and wind, can cause pipes to freeze and even burst.

He says pipes installed up to curent code regulations won't freeze. Older pipes are more at risk due to improper placement and installation

Today's the day it's really gotten bad, Butzerin said. We've got guys who will probably be out all night.

Butzerin suggests allowing faucets to drip a little bit to prevent freezing.

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