SEATTLE-- San Francisco versus Seattle. It's a rivalry for the ages. A game for the record books and what's come out is equally historic and it's not just the Super Bowl.

I'm just an average fan, I'm not a crazy, die hard fan, said Bremerton's own Christopher Hart.

But that's what makes this story so much better. It all started when 49ers fans put up a billboard in Fife taunting the Seahawks. The fans had $12,000 left over and donated it to Seattle Children's Hospital.

I thought, that was ridiculous. We should set up a fund so we can donate to their children's hospital, Hart said.

A few weeks before the big playoff game, it started on gofundme.com.

Next thing you know, donations started pouring in from people all over Seattle, including Mary Beth Dybevik. Her daughter survived a rare form of bone cancer thanks in part to Seattle Children's.

I have such a heart for families going through these types of illnesses, I knew I needed to donate, said Dybevik.

Then the plot thickened. First, 49ers management said they would match up to $100,000. Paul Allen countered and said he would match up to $112,000.

The second he did that, I don't think there was a minute that went by that we didn't get a donation, said Hart.

World famous chef John Howie stepped in.

We can't let San Francisco beat us at anything. You give $5,000 and $25,000 actually goes? That's just great. I mean, how can you pass that up? he said.

Chef Howie gave $10,000 helping bring the total Wednesday night to $363,972.

They're collecting donations through the Superbowl and hope to reach $400,000. $100,000 will go to Seattle Children's and the rest to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

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