SEATTLE- An out of control SUV crashed into a gas pump Monday, injuring a customer who was filling up his tank.

The 47-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with a severe injury to his arm and possibleinternal injuries, according to the Seattle Police.

The victim was grabbing his arm and he was running around grabbing his arm moaning badly, said witness Davie Hay.

The accident happened at the Safeway gas station just after1pm near the intersection of Rainier Avenue South and 51st Avenue.

The driver of a white Chevy Tahoe lost control of the vehicle, crashed through a fence, and then struck the victim and his SUV, according to investigators.

Someone had pressed the emergency shut-off valve to all the pumps because gas was pumping out, said Kyle Moore with the Seattle Fire Department.

Both the driver and the victim were transported to the hospital. Seattle Police said the 30-year-old driver was arrested and will be booked in King County Jail for investigation of vehicular assault.

Seattle Police are now investigating to determine if the driver was impaired at the time of the crash.

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