Take a look at what media outlets around the country have to say ahead of the match up between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

After Further Review: How to stop Russell Wilson? Keep him in pocket |

In fairness, he is just a second-year passer. And he works at it, so he will continue to grow. The guy reeks of a gym-rat quarterback, and those are usually the kind who can overcome some of their limitations. - Pete Prisco

After Further Review: Four ways Seahawks could rattle Peyton |

Manning's brain is the best weapon in football. With two weeks to prepare for Seattle, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with in terms of a plan of attack. - Pete Prisco

How Seahawks built Super Bowl team | Sports Illustrated

The main story of the rebuilt team that will represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVIII is the number of players who came to this team as lower draft picks, undrafted free agents and players from other teams who didn t fill their potential until they came to Seattle. That s a function of the communication between Carroll and Schneider more than anything else... - Doug Farrar

Ready for the Richard Sherman test? | ESPN

Maybe he is both a hero and a loudmouth. Maybe his postgame moment says something about our nation or its history of racial discrimination. Or perhaps, as Super Bowl week takes over America's biggest city and its biggest TV stage, Richard Sherman and his words have simply become a Rorschach test for each of us. - Jane McManus

Breaking down Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks running game | Bleacher Report

However, the ability to square his pads and get downhill (with speed) could be the best part about his game. Think of the quick burst through the hole, the size at the point of attack plus the power to run through tackles. - Matt Bowen

Spotlighting the Weakest Links in Super Bowl XLVIII | Bleacher Report

There's no doubt that the Broncos and Seahawks were the two best teams in football all season, and there's a reason why both are in the Super Bowl. But that doesn't mean that both teams are without weak links. - Nick Kostos

Seahawks LB Wagner's low profile belies big play in Super Bowl run |

What Wagner does, to the untrained eye, can go largely overlooked, but if the Seahawks are on defense and you make a point of focusing on their linebackers, you will find Wagner flowing to the ball, invariably, instructively, and making tackle after tackle. - Jason La Canfora

How Seahawks pursued Peyton Manning ... and Russell Wilson almost went to Broncos | Sports Illustrated

Wilson has thrown 52 touchdown passes in his first two regular seasons 26 in each season which is certainly impressive. However, there has to be a part of Carroll that wonders what it would have been like had Manning come to the Emerald City and thrown anywhere near the 55 touchdowns he managed for the Broncos in 2013 alone. - Doug Farrar

Richard Sherman: Extra attention helped Seahawks |

One week after Richard Sherman's postgame comments heard 'round the world, a few things have changed. Your mom knows who Richard Sherman is. And the Seahawks have a better idea of what kind of attention they'll receive in New York and New Jersey this week. - Gregg Rosenthal

Seattle Seahawks will have 'ohm' team advantage | ABC News

There's an entire body of science backing the idea that increased mindfulness can equate to better performance. Studies find that daily meditation helps raise awareness of self-defeating thoughts. - Liz Neporent

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