The City of Seattle says next week it will close its North Transfer Station in Fremont for two years while it tears down the 50-year-old facility and replaces it with a newer station patterned after a station opened in South Seattle last April.

That promises to be an inconvenience for people like contractors and homeowners who haul their own trash and remodeling debris. They are asked to haul trash to the South Station, or King County says people can take their trash to a county facility on 165th street in Shoreline.

The old North Transfer Station suffered notorious traffic backups and was known to stink up the surrounding neighborhood on bad days. People also have been known to fall into the pit while dumping their trash.

The new facility will have people dump their trash on an open floor, which is considered much safer. Trash will then be moved by big payloaders to holes in the floor leading to large compactors underneath. Container loads of Seattle trash are moved by train to a landfill in Oregon.

While the North Transfer Station is closed, the agency says people can also use the new South Tranfer Station in Seattle's South Park neighborhood. The South Transfer Station is located at 130 South Kenyon Street and is open 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 7 days a week.

You can also find Seattle Public Utilities' tips on how to save yourself a trip to the dump.

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