Here is what media from around the country are saying about Saturday's playoff rematch between the Seahawks and Saints. This is a rematch between the teams following Seattle's 34-7 win over New Orleans on Dec. 2.

Saints happy for second chance | ESPN

The Saints are keenly aware of what they did wrong in the first meeting which was essentially a little of everything. They were held to 188 yards, the lowest total in the Payton-Brees era. They allowed a sack-fumble in the first quarter that was returned for a Seattle touchdown. They struggled in the passing game and the run game. And their defense uncharacteristically broke down with too many mental errors, allowing big passing plays and Russell Wilson scrambles while focusing too much on stopping running back Marshawn Lynch. - Mike Triplett

How to beat the Seahawks | Sports Illustrated

There appear to be two versions of the Seattle Seahawks in the public consciousness. There is the juggernaut that has gone 18-3 in its last 21 regular-season games and is nearly unbeatable at home. That Seahawks team has one of the best young quarterbacks in Russell Wilson, a dominant running back in Marshawn Lynch and a defense that can shut down nay, embarrass any offense it faces. - Doug Farrar

Seahawks, Saints learn lessons from past matchups | USATODAY

Preparations for Saturday's rematch this time a divisional playoff game began Tuesday with a Seahawks logo painted on the Saints' practice field, yet another reminder how much better New Orleans needs to be than even last week, when they edged the Eagles 26-24 in Philadelphia. - Tom Pelissero

Cheap seats for Hawks game are not cheap or even seats | Seattle Times

With ticket prices for Saturday s NFL playoff game in Seattle ranging from $131 for a place to stand to $17,800 for a suite, according to one ticket reseller, Seattle is the priciest venue for the weekend s four playoff games. - Jack Broom

The fear factor of Kam Chancellor |

It's gotten comical of late. In the last five weeks alone we've seen the most productive tight end in the league reverse course and run backward into a Seahawks linebacker to avoid Chancellor, a veteran quarterback try to wave off Chancellor before sliding short of a first down, and a former Pro Bowl receiver whiff on a slant route as Chancellor threatened to greet him with all of his 6-foot-3, 232-pound might. - Mike Sando

Richard Sherman: Drew Brees lacked magic vs. 'Hawks |

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman recently placed Drew Brees second on his list of the NFL's five smartest quarterbacks, but not for his handiwork against Seattle.

'He makes incredible adjustments during the game,' Sherman wrote this week for, before admitting that it's not something he's seen firsthand, saying: 'He's never done that to us.' - Marc Sessler

Russell Wilson Is Ready to Handle the 'Win Now' Pressure Placed on Seahawks | Bleacher Report

Given the expectations thrust upon Wilson this year, he should be the one who makes the signature play in a Seattle Super Bowl run. He's got the skills for it and the mental makeup. - Gary Davenport

Forecast: How the Saints can win and why they won't

The thought of Pete Carroll hoisting the Lombardi Trophy seems odd and wrong on so many levels but that's where we are headed. The Saints won't get blown out but won't really be in the game for long. By the middle of the fourth quarter we'll want the game to end and be saying how 2013 was a great year. It was but Saturday will be its end. -Ralph Malbrough

Walter Jones defends his 2005 Seattle Team|ESPN

Walter Jones loves this Seattle team, but don t expect him to say this one is better than the 2005 team that went to the Super Bowl with Jones as a Pro Bowl left tackle. - Terry Blount

Seattle hopes Wilson, offense can pop in playoffs | The Associated Press

Seattle does have the knowledge that Wilson was stellar during the playoffs last season, including a career-high 385 yards passing against Atlanta. It certainly won't hamper the offense if wide receiver Percy Harvin is able to return for his second game of the season. Wilson said Wednesday that Harvin, 'looks unbelievable so far.' - Tim Booth

NFLDivisional Preview, Part 1 |Grantland

The Seahawks will still be good, but the Saints probably won't drop as many passes or blow coverages on what basically amounted to two touchdown passes or fail to come up with all the key fumbles in the red zone. The Saints might still be vanquished, but they'll probably make it to halftime with a win expectancy greater than 6 percent. - BillBarnwell

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