Gardening expert Ciscoe Morris shares ways to give our indoor plants a little extra care during the winter months.

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Here is a list of the best, most indestructible plants for low light conditions:
Ficus elastica 'Cabernet' Cabernet rubber tree
Rubber trees can take direct sunshine if necessary. Sponge off the leaves now and then to keep them dust free and shiny.

Philodendron 'Brazil'
Treat this Philodendron the same as you would the easily grown Pothos. It can take low light such as the interior or a room. Pinch out growing tips to induce bushiness.

Sansevieria cylindrica 'Japonesa' Cylindrical mother-in-law's tongue
One of the most indestructible of all plants as long as you don't water between Oct and March. Be careful not to damage the pointed tips of the leaves, as a broken tip will cause the leaf to stop growing.

aspidistra elatior - cast iron plant
One of the best plants for low light, but cannot withstand direct sunlight. Wipe of the leaves with a damp cloth from time to time to prevent spider might infestation.

Spathiphyllum 'Sweet Dario' - sweet dario peace lily
This plant blooms in very low light. It is known to be the best plant for cleaning the air in your house. The flowers last a month, and when they look spent remove the flower along with the stem. Water when you see the first sign of wilting.

Dracaena 'Limelight'
These plants excel in low light. Water only when you see slight drooping of the leaves. These plants can grow to 18 ft tall. To keep it a manageable size prune a branch or two back to close to the bottom in spring. It'll take awhile, but new growth will come from the location where the cut was made.

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