A Canadian boy is inspiring people with his artistic efforts to help fight cancer.

Julie Rorh is overwhelmed with sales of her son s drawings. They have totaled over $11,000

We thought if we reached a thousand that would be really good. That was what we were hoping for in the beginning and reached that in the first 20 hours and haven't looked back since, she said.

Two weeks ago, her four-year-old, Max, was working hard at drawing monsters because that s how he understood cancer.

He s a mean one who lives in space and he s bigger than the earth, said Max Rice, monster artist.

Max is selling his drawings to help battle the cancer monster. Half of the money raised goes to the Leukemia Society, the other half to a family, the McNeils.

Amber McNeil has been struggling with a brain tumor for the past two years. Then, in early November her daughter Kyla was diagnosed with leukemia. Max s drawings and the money raised are a welcomed distraction for them.

Giving them something to smile about when a lot of the news they've heard lately is hard to hear, said Max s mother. We wanted to give them something to smile about.

The money raised goes toward expenses the MacNeil's face with continuous visits to the hospital, something Rorh says she's now starting to understand.

Recognize how much of strain it really is when a family member is diagnosed with cancer, said Rohr. There's so much to think about that you might not think about if you actually have that diagnosis in your family.

Jenny Mernickle bought a magnet. The cause hits close to home as her son died of cancer when he was 17.

There's a financial burden that puts added pressure on people that already have a lot of pressure and stuff going on, said Mernickle.

She gets why people are people are buying Max's monsters from around the world.

He's trying to help a little friend. He doesn't want her to die. He wants her to fight the monster, And so do I, said Mernickle.

Max's amazing monster sales will end next week, but he and Julie hope their friend's battles with cancer also has an amazing ending.

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