SEATTLE - A Grammy award-winning artist shut down a Starbucks for a surprise concert.

Singer Mary J. Blige performed for a group of young women at a Starbucks Community Store on 23rd and Jackson Monday afternoon.

It was everything for me to surprise them for them to not know I was coming or for them to not know what they were in for, said Blige.

Starbucks closed the store for the concert, which very few people knew about. Many of the young women did not know who would be performing inside the coffee shop until Blige took the stage alongside Grammy award-winning producer David Foster.

Blige said she is a supporter of the Starbucks Community Stores, which donate a portion of the profits to a local charity. The community store in Seattle donates money to the YWCA.

More corporations need to do this like Starbucks where they are truly giving back to the neighborhood, said Foster.

Blige said, I m filled so full with love because I got a chance to give back.

Currently, Starbucks has opened seven community stores including two in the Seattle area. Over the next five years, a spokesperson said they hope to open close to 50 around the world.

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