Retailers didn't start holiday shopping with Cyber Monday or a Black Friday. This year it all began after a scare.

All of their holiday promotions began right after Halloween this year, said Eric Best with Mercent.

Mercent helps large retailers promote and sell products online. Best says mobile users are the biggest target for business this year.

We're seeing that increasingly e-commerce orders are being placed through smart phones and that tells us that consumers finally get it. That when they have that pricing and availability on their smart phone, they can use that in store to get the best deals, explained Best.

Eric said one great way to find deals is to add an item to your virtual shopping cart. Then keep shopping and watch the deals come to you.

The retailer, assuming they have your email address, will send you price drop notifications. So as soon as that goes on sale or the price drops significantly, you'll get an email notifying you that it could be time to buy, said Best.

Another way to save a few bucks: don't go for just the name brands.

You'll see more and more retailers developing their own product lines that from a quality standpoint are very comparable to the major brand names, but from a price stand point are going to be more affordable, said Best.

Finally, keep an eye on websites like Pinterest. The company is trying new ways to help you track your potential purchases.

We update the product availability and the price as it's changing. So you can actually use Pinterest as well as a product price and product availability index and make sure that you're keeping up with where those products are available and the price at which they're being sold, explained Best.

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