Emirates flies a long range Boeing 777 in and out of Sea-Tac every day. But Emirates isn't just another international carrier. It flies more 777s than any other airline and has 200 in its fleet on order. In 2012 this royal-owned airline got the royal treatment from Boeing, being the 1,000th 777 built.

Back then I had a chance to sit down with Tim Clark, the airline's president. He wanted the even more fuel efficient 777X ASAP, as Boeing kept waffling on what it was going to do.

We've had significant input into what's going on in terms of the aircraft design, and the interior, the architecture and everything else, he said.

But analysts close to Emirates say the airline is going to want its new jets on time starting in 2020 and is more concerned about getting its planes on schedule rather than the price of the airplane.

That's likely good news for Everett. The question now, will Emirates go ahead and place that massive order next week even with an air show in its own Back yard, if Boeing and its work force are at odds.

Speculation is that emirates could order 150 of the planes - a mind boggling number for a jet that will carry up to 406 passengers.

Other Middle Eastern airlines like Qatar are expected to drive that number maybe as many as 250.

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