SEATTLE -- Don't expect to find the same old mixers at Seattle bars now a days. Instead, you will find fresh sprigs of rosemary crushed into your drink and, of course, organic produced vodka.

Today's trends find craft drinks the hot customer order. Nick LaPorta, bartender and manager at Ravishing Radish said, Right now people want drinks that are made with high quality, simple ingredients, they want to taste the flavor.

One current favorite that LaPorta makes is a simple crushed drink, using fresh mint and lemon and topped with Blue Water organic vodka.

Blue Water organic vodka and gin is made locally in Everett.

We are Washington State certified, we want to produce spirits that are made without additives and with pure products, said owner Jessica Lundin.

The Blue Water organic gin has notes of juniper and orange. Lundin said, In fact, our gin has been rated one of the highest in the country. We want to always make sure we have a high quality spirit on the market.

Organic spirits is not the only new trend hitting the area. The long-time Seattle caterer and owner of Ravishing Radish, Lisbet Mielke has spent decades providing food at parties and corporations and saw a real need for a traveling bar.

Liquor is an important part of a party, but it can be hard for people to know what to provide and how to make drinks, Mielke said.

So Mielke came up with the traveling Lavish Bar. They will go to your tailgate party or big event, and set up the alcohol.

The other component is the state laws that apply to liquor licences, we are certified and can take care of that aspect for the customer, she said.

For more information, check out Ravishing Radish and Blue Water Distilling.

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