MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. A suspected truck thief was shot and killed in Maple Valley Tuesday morning after deputies say he was shot by the truck s owner, a United States Marine.

It happened just after midnight in the 23600 block of 219th Place SE.

King County sheriff s deputies say a man and a woman arrived at the scene in another vehicle that was stolen from Kent. The pair was allegedly trying to steal or prowl a pickup truck when the owner came out from a family gathering and confronted them.

Kristen Hague says the gathering was at her house and the truck belongs to her nephew, Keenan, a 24-year-old Marine. Hague says they spotted the would-be thieves and he confronted them.

All I heard were gunshots, then I came outside and the man and woman were trying to drive away but the car wouldn t go, Hague gets emotional talking about what happened next. She says the male passenger stood up with a weapon.

Keenan yelled gun , and he pushed me to the ground to protect me, said Hague. She says that s when shots were exchanged. He did it to protect me. He loves his aunt.

Hague performed CPR on the suspected thief and put pressure on his bullet wounds, but he did not survive.

The owner is being questioned by King County investigators.

The surviving suspect was taken into custody. She has a felony warrant for burglary.

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