Seattle robbery detectives are poring through downtown surveillance video hoping to learn what happened to a man found bloodied on a Belltown sidewalk after a wedding a week ago. Sources say they ve identified the victim on video, but that has only deepened the mystery.

Thirty-three-year-old Rory Burks was moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at Harborview Medical Center Monday afternoon. But a week into the case, Seattle police appear no closer to understanding how Burks could leave a wedding reception at the Mayflower Hotel and wind up bleeding on a sidewalk three blocks away, his phone and wallet missing.

Surveillance cameras are helping police piece together the route Burks took on Monday, September 16, after he left the hotel around 1:30 a.m. Sources say surveillance video does show Burks walking, but that s it. There s nothing that shows the parent assault. A passerby found him lying on the sidewalk at 4th and Blanchard, bleeding and unconscious.

Police have been able to grab snapshots of other people from the surveillance cameras and are trying to identify and contact them as potential witnesses.

Burks was wearing a tuxedo and Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel is convinced someone saw him around the time of the incident.

Someone saw something, so it is very important that you call us and let us know, whether cell phone video, whether it s what you think you saw, what you may have seen would be very very helpful to solving this, Pugel said.

The case seems full of contradictions. Burks mother, Una Ripley, told KING 5 that while her son has been in and out of a haze, he was able to tell her he was attacked from behind by a group of people.

Yet, police say they're not entirely certain Burks was assaulted; he was intoxicated and could have fallen.

We've had cases like that before where people have fallen, struck their head and then ended up in the hospital, said Detective Mark Jamieson, Everything is open right now.

Jamieson said Burks could have been robbed after he fell.

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