SEATTLE -- It's called green gold by those who love and savor it. Hatch New Mexico green chili has arrived in Western Washington for its annual harvest run.

Produce Specialist Dino Medica of Metropolitan Market says, Hatch New Mexico chili is special. It's grown in the Hatch Valley, where the combination of the soil, the hot days and cool nights make them extra flavorful.

The Hatch chili has a limited run, only about 6 weeks. This is a busy time for those who love the delicacy. Megan Doherty, chef at Metropolitan Market says, the best way to make it last is to roast the chili, peel it, and pop it into freezer safe containers.

The green chili can be extra hot; people are advised to use rubber gloves when handling it.

The effort will pay off though with a freezer full of green gold to last through the winter.

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