A group of people demonstrated outside the Russian Consul General's residence in Seattle on Tuesday, protesting that country's treatment of the gay and lesbian community, and similar protests are happening around the world.

Russia recently passed a series of laws banning gay pride demonstrations and outlawing gay adoption.

People are being beaten in the streets, arrested for the crime of being openly gay, said nationally renowned gay rights activist Dan Savage.

Savage is drumming up a new cold war against Russia, calling for a boycott of Russian vodka, but he takes a more lenient stand on the upcoming Sochi Olympics as long as athletes speak out, even risking arrest.

Russian government, leader and officials on three or four occasions say they will arrest athletes or visitors who violate the gay propaganda law. this is unprecedented in the history of the Olympics, said Savage.

Although no one at Russian Consul General's residence showed any interest to the commotion outside on Tuesday, the protesters hoped at least the public would take notice.

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