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Moderate-to-steady rain is expected to continue through Friday morning, potentially making it a difficult commute due to standing water, mud slides or drivers going too fast for conditions.

A 24-mile stretch of State Route 20 between Mazama and Granite Creek was closed Friday morning due to mud slides and debris on the roadway. State Route 410 was also closed for a 3-mile stretch near the US 12 junction because of mud slides.

A large sinkhole formed at S. 96th Street and 8th Avenue S. in Seattle Friday morning.

KING 5 Meteorologist Lisa Van Cise says the steady rain will change to showers in the afternoon with some sunbreaks possible. Highs will be in the mid-to-upper 60s.

The lightning and thunder that kept many people up through the night Thursday had moved to Eastern Washington by the morning commute.

A flood watch remained in effect in Western Washington through Friday afternoon. Urban and small stream flooding was still a concern.

The rain should decrease Saturday and turn to sunny skies on Sunday with highs near 80. It appears that pattern will continue through Thursday.

Viewer Tamera Lynn posted this video to our Facebook page: This is Centralia - The lightning bolts were touching down but they seemed to be far enough away. Suddenly I saw a huge bolt come down and BOOOOM, not even a second in between the lighting and the thunder. I knew it was close. I ran into the house, it scared me! Haven't seen this kind of thunder and lightning since I lived in the midwest.

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