BELLEVUE, Wash. - For seven years, Holly the dog has been a constant companion for Jillian Raftery.

I am the typical Seattleite. My dog is my baby, said Raftery.

The close bond is part of the reason why she cringes at the thought of what was found in a neighbor's yard across the street from her house.

They are not happy looking things, said Raftery who held two dog treats in her hand. This is a pig's ear and this is a bacon treat. They've got wire loops through them and fish hooks. As a dog owner, as a human being, I was really horrified that someone could do it.

Raftery said that someone is a man who has allegedly made his dislike for dogs known.

We've had words with him in the past about our dogs getting out of their yards, she said.

In recent months the tension has escalated, according to neighbors.

King 5 knocked on the man's door. He would not give his name, but he said the baited hooks were to discourage dogs from using his yard as a bathroom.

I am frightened of dogs, he said.

Showing his fear and frustration through the baited hooks could be a serious violation, according to Dr. Gene Mueller, King County's manager of Regional Animal Services.

That's an interesting question, whether it is illegal trapping, said Dr. Mueller. Somebody is going to take the bait and that won't teach that animal or child a lesson. It will cause grievous harm.

Neighbors said the baited hooks showed up in the Bellevue man's yard a few weeks ago. They have not seen any hooks in recent days. There are no reports of injuries. Dr. Mueller said if a dog was hurt it could possibly turn into an animal cruelty investigation.

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