Blood pressure may be an indication that you'll have problems with memory as you age.

Researchers inEurope followed 5,000 older patients over a three-year period. They found that patients whose blood pressure readings from different doctor's office visits varied widely performed worse on cognitive tests.

It was especially true for those already at high risk for heart disease.

It's not clear whether blood pressure variability is a cause or result of impaired brain function.

In other news related to health and brain function, researchers in the United Kingdom found that bacteria caused by gum disease may be associated with dementia. In four out of 10 samples of brain tissue from Alzheimer's patients, researchers found signs of bacteria linked to gingivitis,

They didn't find any of this type of bacteria in brain samples taken from people who never had dementia.

Researchers say this does not prove that gum disease causes dementia, but there could be a link.

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