MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- The Washington State Department of Transportation plans additional work to raise the clearance on the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River at Mount Vernon.

Officials told Skagit County commissioners Tuesday a new project would put the trusses 18 feet above the roadway. The trusses will be the same height across the width of the span, instead of tapered like the current design.

The existing trusses are just 15 feet, 6 inches at the fog line. Assistant project engineer Polly Brooks says that's the lowest in the state.

The new bridge will be installed after Labor Day and all the work will be done at night. State officials say the entire Skagit Bridge project should be completed by Thanksgiving.

The total cost of the new bridge is $4.5 million and will be paid with federal funds. Originally WSDOTreported the project would cost $3 million.

The work this fall will follow the construction of a permanent replacement for the section that collapsed May 23 when a truss was hit by an oversize truck. That closed the bridge for a month. A temporary span is now in place.

The state has started legal action against the company responsible for the truck that caused the collapse.

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