It s been a warm summer so far this year, and for many, that means adding to our wardrobe, including shorts! Today Darcy Camden is back with her style rules for wearing shorts to stay cool and chic all season long.

How to Wear Shorts

RULE #1: Avoid shorts that are TOO short. To find out, stand up straight and put your arms down at your sides. Where your fingers touch your thigh is approximately where your shorts should wear to. If they are any shorter, you'd best be pretty confident about your legs! If you feel good, go for it!

RULE #2: The longer the short, the higher the heel. Longer bermuda-style shorts are in style and are great for anyone who wants maximum leg coverage, and they can be worn with a lifted shoe, like a wedge or espadrille to elongate the leg (NOTE: if you are wearing very short shorts, stick with a flat shoe!)

RULE #3: Avoid shorts that are the same color as your skin. Be careful of khakis, beiges, browns and taupes. Opt for other neutrals, or bright colors instead.

RULE #4: Don't wear white underwear with white shorts. Stick with a nude-colored seamless bikini brief. I also advise wearing a white short with texture (such as lace) to further cover up Visible Panty Line

How to get great legs

#1. Vaseline spray -

#2. Ground coffee as an exfoliator (take the grounds from your coffee pot and mix with soap or body wash. The gritty grounds will slough off all dead skin and the caffeine from the coffee promotes circulation

#3. Jergens Self tanning lotion - plus Benefit Body Balm -

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