A musical spoof on the console wars between Microsoft s upcoming Xbox One and Sony s Playstation 4 is trending across the country on YouTube.

Both companies recently announced their new gaming consoles with some significant differences. Xbox One will require users to connect to the Internet at least once every 24 hours and will cost $499. It will also have cloud computing capabilities. PS4 will be $399, will not require the online connection and won t restrict usage of used games.

The musical, posted Monday, is a take-off on West Side Story, with the Xbox group wearing green and the PS4 fans wearing blue.

The first two verses:

The PS4 will take it all
We'll leave the Xbox in the dirt
We'll be a 100 dollars less
They'll be a mess
We will make Microsoft hurt

Our Xbox One was something new
A system built to pave the way
But people took up in a rage
They're scared of change
They want the same
They re all to blame
But we will still win the day

As the two groups get together to battle, they are joined by a man and woman conspicuously wearing red and white. They break off for a duet, touting why gaming on a PC is better.

It's better on pc
Play games the way they're meant to be

Play on PC
The future is on steam
The consoles hold our progress back
With disks that crack
Eventually, the couple convinces the fighting console groups to make the switch to PC.

The video was produced by AVByte, a project by two brothers to combine visual effects and musical theater.

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