Many people are constantly fighting a losing battle with their weight. While some may not like the idea of trying bariatric surgery to help shed the pounds, others are not ready to take that step. The doctors at Swedish Weight Loss Services can help, whether you're looking for surgical or non-surgical options.

Dr. Ross McMahon, Medical Director of Swedish Weight Loss Services, and Dr. Richard Lindquist, Director of Medical Weight Management at Swedish Weight Loss Services joined Margaret to talk about some of the surgical and non-surgical weight loss options they offer, as well as why it's so important for them to offer full, comprehensive services and arm their patients with the crucial information they need, before deciding to undergo bariatric surgery or pursue non-surgical weight loss options.

Later in the segment, patient Kearsten Weeks joined the group to share her experience at Swedish Weight Loss Services. She chose to undergo the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and has lost more than 100 pounds so far.

For more information about Swedish Weight Loss Services, including success stories from Kearsten and other patients, visit their website: www.SwedishWeightLoss.com

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Kearsten's weight loss success has inspired her to share her story publicly and motivate others. Here's her Facebook page: Weeks on Wellness

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