Saint's next Cheap Eats adventure lands him on Capitol Hill. Rancho Bravo doesn't need any signs to draw customers to its budget-priced Mexican fare.

Not with their $5 price point and homemade foods drawing big raves from everyone. The quality of the food can be credited to the restaurant's employees.

A lot of our employees come from Mexico, Central America, and beyond, said manager Chris Doner. They're bringing to the establishment some of their experiences from home

Some of the food offerings include:

  • $1.75 for a freshly-rolled tamale
  • $4 for the roasted pork tortas
  • $4.75 for a Bravo burrito

All are fresh, attractive and cheap. Taco al pastor ($2.25) is just as good as any food truck in the city.

Rancho Bravo isn't just resting on its laurels, though.

The owner has a vision and we're working towards that vision, Doner said.

If you can't make it to Capitol Hill, head to Wallinford where a permanent truck is parked at 45th in the old Winchell's Donuts parking lot.

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