The case of three missing women who were found Monday after being held for years in a house in Cleveland gives new hope to other families of missing Washington children.

It gives me hope, said Theresa Lewis. I've never lost hope and I'll never lose hope. I know she's out there somewhere.

Lewis talks a lot about hope. It's been keeping her going for nearly 15 years. Her daughter, Teekah, was just 2-year-old when she disappeared from a Tacoma bowling alley in 1999. If she is still alive, she'll be 17 this July.

Makes me wonder, could it be a neighbor that has mine? Lewis said.
Lewis says as rare and as incredulous as these stories are, they remind the parents of missing kids to remain vigilant. And they remind the public of the role it can play in bringing those kids home.

Maybe with people seeing this story, it will make those people look a lot harder, because you never know who is living next door to you, said Lewis.

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