Prosecutors filed charges of Assault in the First Degree Wednesday afternoon against Carolyn Piksa, the Seattle parks employee accused of shooting and wounding a co-worker last Friday near Green Lake.

Piksa, 46, was also charged with Assault in the Second Degree for later driving to the Bitter Lake Community Center and allegedly pointing a gun at an employee there.

Prosecutors released charging documents revealing Piksa's possible motive for the crimes.

Bill Keller is still recovering from a gunshot wound at Harborview Medical center. He told detectives that Piksa came to his Greenlake office, demanded to see him, and asked him what he had to say.

...Piksa, standing approximately five feet away, pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head. Keller put his hands in front of his face and pleaded 'Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me in the head!'

That is when Piksa allegedly lowered the gun and shot Keller in the chest. Keller told detectives he knew Piksa, but never had a conflict with her.

Piksa then went to the Bitter Lake Community Center, according to charging documents, and approached center coordinator Cynthia Etelamaki. The court documents reveal their conversation was brief. Piksa asked if Etelamaki had talked with Keller. When Etelamaki said no, Piksa allegedly stated Maybe I should shoot you right now!

Etelamaki ran from her office, warning others to leave the building. By the time police arrived, Piksa was gone.

Police tracked Piksa's cell phone to her home, where she eventually surrendered. Police say she told them that she believed Keller and Etelamaki conspired to have contacts removed from her cell phone, to have money removed from her bank accounts, and caused noises at night which prevent her from sleeping.

When asked why Piksa is being charged with assault instead of attempted murder, the King County Prosecutor's Office said that First- and Second-Degree Assault charges were more appropriate than attempted murder, but a conviction on either charge carries the same penalty of 14 to 17 years.

Piksa remains at the King County Jail on $1 million bail. Her arraignment is scheduled for March 27 at 8:30 p.m. at the King County Courthouse.

KING 5's Liza Javier contributed to this report.

Carolyn Piksa charging documents

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