Today's guest panelists, Attorney & Legal Expert Anne Bremner, former Seattle Mariners pitcher & current MLB Analyst Bill Krueger, and our New Day Audience Coordinator, Suzie Wiley. Our guest panel weighs in on many topics, including actress Helen Hunt's Oscars gown from H&M, Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence's slip and graceful recovery... and more.

Here's a list of the stories we discussed in today's Hot Topics segment (click on each title to read the corresponding story):

Helen Hunt wears H&M gown to Oscars

Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence slips on stairs.. then gracefully recovers

Searching for Sugar Man wins Best Documentary Oscar (Click here to watch Rodriguez & Searching for Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul on New Day!)

Cheating boyfriend busted thanks to Russian mapping site:

Things you should not do after 50 according to AARP. Agree or disagree?

Oscar Pistorius news coverage

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