Diamond Parking Service, one of the most popular parking companies in Seattle, admits a computer glitch might have overcharged thousands of customers Wednesday. In some cases, some people were charged a dozen times for a single parking spot.

Oh my goodness! I got charges like five times! One, two, three, four, five, six - I got charged six times, said driver Steve Jones, as he checked his online banking statement.

A spokesperson for Diamond says the error occurred when the computer system that runs their electronic pay stations was updated on Wednesday. As soon as they company realized the error, they began frantically working to fix it.

Any customer who parked in a Diamond lot on Wednesday is at risk of being charged multiple times.

Driver Meghann Kern didn't know about the mistake until KING5 told her to check her bank account.

Iusually do check it like once a week but Ihaven't checked in awhile, she said.

Once she did, she received bad news.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve - no, eleven, excuse me - eleven times, she said. I'll be making a call as soon as I get to the office!

That means Kern was charged $13.13 eleven different times, for a total of $144.43. It was just enough to overdraw her bank account.

Diamond Parking Service has set up a special hotline for anyone experiencing issues related to fraudulent charges on their debit or credit card. That number is 1-855-429-8562.

Diamond plans to issue full refunds to all affected customers, along with any overdraft charges anyone might have incurred as a result.

As of Thursday, the problem has been corrected and all pay stations are working properly. It's still unknown exactly how many drivers are affected, but it could be several thousand people. Anyone who parked in any lot owned by Diamond Parking Services Wednesday, February 20, is advised to check their bank accounts right away.

The company hopes to have all refunds complete within seven to ten business days.

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