GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. -- Come February first, paramedics may not respond to 911 calls in the rural fire district surrounding McCleary.

Voters in Grays Harbor Fire District 12 defeated a levy in November to raise property taxes to pay for emergency services.

Paramedics in neighboring District 5 currently provide that medical coverage, but their chief informed the state today, they will not respond to service calls beginning in February.

People don t want to pay taxes anymore, we understand that, said District 5 Chief Dan Prater.

He said not being able to afford to respond to calls is something everyone in the fire station fears.

If something was to happen, a tragedy, and we re right here and could have made a difference, it s going to break our hearts, said Prater.

District 12 Fire Commissioners are trying to come up with alternatives.

The district is hosting a public hearing on the matter 7p.m. Thursday, January 10, at the Fire Hall in McCleary.

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